Juli 24, 2019

Erna Witoelar Received Honorary Doctorate Degree from Griffith University in Australia

On July 23, 2019, Erna Witoelar, Co-Chair of Filantropi Indonesia, received Honorary Doctorate Degree from Griffith University in Australia.

Juli 5, 2019

SEFI Task Force

On June 24th, 2019, Filantropi Indonesia held an internal meeting related to the review of the Filantropi Indonesia Ethics Standard (SEFI). The SEFI document contains a code of ethics to encourage members and philanthropists who reflect high ethics as a form of accountability.

Juli 5, 2019

GRI Sustainability Reporting Training

The government has established four platforms in the implementation of the TPB / SDGs, including: Government and Parliament; Academics and Experts; Community and Media Social Institutions; and Philanthropy and Business. The role of the Philanthropy and Business sector to contribute to the achievement of the TPB / SDGs is quite calculated because this sector is seen as having opportunities and resources (such as financing and access to corporate networks) that can support programs to achieve TPB / SDGs.

Juli 5, 2019

Inauguration of Filantropi Indonesia Educational Cluster Charter

On the previous 2018 Festival Filantropi Indonesia (FIFEST), Filantropi Indonesia Education Cluster has been launched. Filantropi Indonesia appointed Tanoto Foundation as the coordinator for Education cluster. One of the initial steps for the continuation of the cluster work program was the preparation of the education cluster charter. After going through the internal discussion process and input from various parties, on Thursday, June 20th, 2019 the Charter of Filantropi Indonesia Education Cluster was inaugurated.

Juli 5, 2019

[Conservancy Talk 1] Initiating Environmental Conservation from the City

“A decent environment can be the key to happiness for the city community. Meanwhile the availability of natural resources is an important factor whether a city will be destroyed or survive”. Stated Usi Sally, Learning and Development Manager of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in the Conservancy Talk event on Wednesday, June 19th 2019.

Juni 13, 2019

[FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION] Filantropi Indonesia Food Security and Nutrition Cluster

On Monday, April, 29th 2019, Filantropi Indonesia with the Filantropi Indonesia Food Security and Nutrition Cluster held a Focus Group Discussion with participants from the organizations member of cluster and academics.

Juni 13, 2019

[Philanthropy Learning Forum ke-23] Dampak Seni di Masyarakat

“Kita masih memandang seni dengan kaca mata barat dimana budaya hanya sebatas warisan dan terlepas dari keseharian. Indonesia seharusnya memandang budaya secara berbeda, karema budaya kita turut dijalankan dalam keseharian” begitulah sedikit kutipan pesan yang disampaikan oleh Dirjenbud.

Juni 13, 2019

[FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION] Filantropi Indonesia Environment and Conservation Cluster

Filantropi Indonesia Environment and Conservation Cluster conducted a Focus Group Discussion which was attended by 8 organization members of cluster. The activity was conducted on May 2nd 2019 at Kekini, Cikini, Central Jakarta.

Juni 13, 2019

The 22nd Philanthropy Learning Forum Optimizing the Utilization of Digital Payments for Philanthropic Activities

Philanthropic activity is now can be considered as an unconscious part of everyone. The advantages of philanthropy activities have spread. Public fundraising now is not only for social act but also for environmental conservation, human rights, etc.

Mei 15, 2019

Philanthropy Associations and Networks Agree to Collaborate in Facing Common Challenges

Filantropi Indonesia participated in a workshop meeting entitled “Driving Philanthropy for the Future: Creating the Networks We Need” in Kingston, Jamaica, on 23-26 April 2019.