About Us

Philanthropy for Social Justice and Sustainable Development

Indonesia Philanthropy Association (Filantropi Indonesia or FI) was established in 2013, initiated by individuals and nonprofit organizations through the Strengthening Philanthropy Initiative network in Indonesia. They agreed to continue and institutionalize their activities together into an association.

Indonesia Philanthropy Association is an independent nonprofit organization, established to promote philanthropy activities in Indonesia, and to ensure social justice and sustainable development. FI was founded by individuals and nonprofit organizations, who since 2003 have taken steps to develop a network called Initiatives for Philanthropy Empowerment in Indonesia. They agreed to continue the work and put the activities into an organization for an independent and not-for-profit purpose. FI was established to accommodate interests from philanthropy actors: the grant makers, intermediary, and implementing partners with a spirit of partnership, equality, plurality, justice, universal, and national identity.


To increase philanthropic institutions knowledge through good practices and evidence-based research.


To create multi-party partnerships through effective collaboration and communication.


To improve enabling environment for philanthropy through advocacy and public policy.


Creating genuine solidarity based on humanity for social justice and sustainable development.


To enhance philanthropy in Indonesia, both in quantity and quality, as a means to strengthen the role and position of civil society, in the context of equitable and sustainable development.



  1. Respect, love and helping other human beings are the basic instinct of every human as a social creature. All religious teachings also support this notion. Looking at the abundance of cultures and ethnic groups in Indonesia, we learn that generosity or philanthropy, has long been the tie that keeps the unity and harmony in our society;
  2. Part of Indonesia’s society have achieved remarkable economic progress. But on the other side, social and economy gap between classes and groups is also getting wider;
  3. The dismal portrait of social and environmental issues in Indonesia today requires philanthropic contribution from every Indonesian, to see a meaningful transformation;
  4. Efforts to develop philanthropy’s potential for sustainable development in Indonesia are supposed to be a group effort. The challenges are enormous, institutional infrastructure and supporting policy are still lacking. We need effective and focused efforts from all components of philanthropy in Indonesia to assemble, unify and strengthen the movement together with civil society in facing the challenges of social, humanity and environmental issue in the country.



  1. Providing communication platform and consultancy support for philanthropy actors in finding solution to social, humanity, and environment problems in Indonesia.
  2. Fostering ethical philanthropy and generous character and spirit to all segments of Indonesia’s society through various platform.
  3. Enhancing professional, accountable and transparent in philanthropy organizations.
  4. Creating trust, solidarity and healthy partnership between philanthropic actors in Indonesia.
  5. Becoming a trusted partner of government and private sector for national development, humanity, and environment.



  1. Philanthropy gives access to those who need resources in order to improve their efforts in meeting their needs independently.
  2. Every philanthropy stakeholder is required to uphold the plurality that exists in the society: culture, religion and belief, ethnic, perception, etc.
  3. Gender Equality. Philanthropy needs to pay attention to the needs of different genders based on equality.
  4. Universal and Non-partisan. Philanthropy does not discriminate against the beneficiaries, and must not be used as political tool for certain groups or interests.
  5. National interest is above individual and group interests.