Philanthropy Clusters


Multi-sector partnerships to improve the quality of the education sector which are aligned with SDG #4

Zakat on SDG

Multi-sector partnership between BAZ, LAZ, philanthropic institutions, and other sectors for sustainable development in Indonesia.

Urban & Habitation

Multi-sector partnerships to be able to contribute optimally to SDG #11 and the New Urban Agenda (NUA).


Multi-sector partnerships to encourage infrastructure improvement, quality and access to health services in Indonesia

Food Security & Nutrition

Multi-sector partnerships for food security and nutrition, specifically stunting and maternal and infant health at 1000 birth days

Environment & Conservation

Multi-sector partnerships for conservation efforts and maintaining environmental and community sustainability in a broad context

Art & Culture

Multi-sector partnerships to encourage the attention of the state and society towards Indonesia's artistic and cultural heritage

Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship

Multi-sector partnerships to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of the community through economic empowerment efforts

Women's & Children's Empowerment

Multi-sector partnerships to improve equality of rights for women and children through multi-aspect empowerment.