Rumah Zakat Build 1080 Empowered Villages in Indonesia

Rumah Zakat Build 1080 Empowered Villages in Indonesia

Rumah Zakat Build 1080 Empowered Villages in Indonesia

In an effort to overcome poverty in Indonesia, Rumah Zakat has utilized zakat, infaq and shadaqah (ZIS) from donors in the construction of 1,000 empowered villages from Aceh to Papua. By the end of 2016, as many as 800 villages had been built in 129 cities and districts in Indonesia. In 2017 there is expected to be an additional 280 villages built as the region empowerment program continues.

"Village Empowerment is a program where Rumah Zakat intervenes within communities through development programs in education, health, economy, and environment in accordance with their own potential. In 2016, Rumah Zakat gained the trust of donors to manage ZIS and humanitarian funding to the sum of IDR 225 billion with more than 1.4 million beneficiaries reached," said CEO of Rumah Zakat, Nur Efendi.

The purpose of the Village Empowerment program is to create measurable improvements based on community issues that occur in specific region. It takes the synergy of various elements in society in order for the Village Empowerment program to provide sustained benefits. "Rumah Zakat is in cooperation with the community and government officials in every region of the empowered villages program. The goal is to speed up and to sustain the community empowerment process through the active participation of citizens," said Efendi.

SDGs as Indicators of Empowerment Program

Rumah Zakat seeks to align the empowerment program with the indicators set out within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as formulated by the United Nations. In 2016, as many as 2,074 beneficiaries of Rumah Zakat economic program were able to increase their household income. "Hopefully in 2017, Rumah Zakat can increase its contributions to provide humanitarian funding management and further reduce poverty," said Chief Program Officer at Rumah Zakat, Noor Yahya.

At the end of 2016, there were 17 Schools, 3 cars, 4 early childhood centres, 9 Primary Clinics, 51 ambulances, and 20 Mobile Clinics provided. The presence of these supportive facilities, intended to improve both health and educational outcomes, are integral at increasing empowerment in Indonesian communities.

Rebranding Rumah Zakat, Sharing Happy Energy

In the race to become the foremost NGO in its capacity in finding positive outcomes for both donors and beneficiaries, Rumah Zakat is rebranding. Rumah Zakat is not only committed to being a trusted institution, being both progressive, and professional, but also collaborating with various parties with the ultimate goal of empowering Indonesia’s communities.

"We thank God that Rumah Zakat has become one of the most publicly-trusted LAZNAS. This has encouraged us to work even more passionately in managing the ZIS and humanitarian aid better and more effectively in empowering the community," said Chief Marketing Officer of Rumah Zakat, Irvan Nugraha.

Source: Rumah Zakat