[REPORT] Corporate Funding: How to Access and Engage Corporate in The Long Term

[REPORT] Corporate Funding: How to Access and Engage Corporate in The Long Term

[REPORT] Corporate Funding: How to Access and Engage Corporate in The Long Term

On Thursday 28 September, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) collaborated with Filantropi Indonesia to organize the NGO Consultative Desk Meeting entitled "Corporate Funding: How to Access and Engage Corporations in The Long Term". We invited two speakers, Trini Haryanti from the Indonesia Library Development Foundation (Yayasan Pengembangan Perpustakaan Indonesia) and Arninta Puspitasari from Nutrifood.

As the first speaker, Trini Haryanti shared her experience on how the Indonesian Library Development Foundation attained funding from various companies through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The organization – originating from Surabaya – has a program focused on the procurement of books and furniture. Thus, the programs that they offer to companies are mostly the development of libraries in form of space (with shelves), mobile (vans) or online with a certain period of time in the area of operation.

For Trini, the key to obtaining corporate CSR funding lies in the process of lobbying and communication by the foundation. For the process of lobbying and communication, Trini emphasized that the foundation should possess special characteristics, such as self-confidence and the willingness to be proactive. In addition, they should also understand the company’s CSR focus so that the foundation can orientate itself to better provide program offerings which match the corporation’s target outcomes.

The second speaker was Arninta Puspitasari from Nutrifood. As a representative of the corporate side of the equation, Arninta explained some of the CSR programs and partnerships that are run by Nutrifood. As a company actively involved in the food and nutrition industry, Nutrifood naturally focuses on three of the most closely related areas: health, education, and environment.

Arninta Puspitasari reminded the audience that the partnership opportunities offered by companies are not limited to funding programs or grants. Organizations who want to apply for funding can also request the utilisation of the various other resources of the company. For example, corporations can also give expert support to the foundation’s internal staff management, such as training, voluntary programs, or simply network sharing.

The event grew lively as the Q & A session and discussion began. Various representatives of NGOs and social organizations asked questions to both speakers. Not only that, they also shared their own experiences, both positive and negative, of when they had partnered with companies through their CSR programs.

After the question and answer session and the discussion ended, the event was closed with a group photo session and networking session. True to the purpose of the event, JICA and Filantropi Indonesia hope the discussion and knowledge exchange will continue outside the event, producing a valuable shared learning network.


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