Philanthropy Learning Forum on SDGs in Yogyakarta

Philanthropy Learning Forum on SDGs in Yogyakarta

Philanthropy Learning Forum on SDGs in Yogyakarta

Filantropi Indonesia (FI), supported by Dompet Dhuafa and assisted by our local partner Hoshizora Foundation, conducted a series of activities aimed at SDGs socialization in Yogyakarta across the 23rd – 24th of October 2017. The activities in Yogyakarta were a bit different from the previous three cities, consisting of two separate events: The Philanthropy & Business Networking Dinner, and the Philanthropy Learning Forum on SDGs. Both are interrelated with the joint purpose of encouraging philanthropic and business actors in Yogyakarta to work together and collaborate with local actors.

The dinner was held on Monday 23rd October, and was the product of a collaboration with Forum CSR DIY, chaired by GKR Mangkubumi. GKR Mangkubumi herself came along with some guests from both the business sector and the philanthropy sector. The informal evening discussion was facilitated by Erna Witoelar, Co-Chair of the FI Advisory Board. Active participation from the participants was evident, with many ideas on how to start an effective philanthropic and business sector in Yogya aimed at the achievement of SDGs.

On Tuesday, PLF on SDGs was held at Jogja Expo Center. In this open discussion there were four speakers in the panel: Timotheus Lesmana (Chairman of FI Executive Board), Abu Yazid (Head of Social Welfare Division Bappeda DIY), Maharani Hapsari (Professor of Gadjah Mada University) and Sabeth Abilawa (GM Corporate Secretary Dompet Dhuafa). The moderator was Reky Martha, Co-Founder of the Hoshizora Foundation.

From the approximately 60 participants who attended, most were already aware of the SDGs, but did not possess a deep understanding. Timotheus Lesmana explained specifically what philanthropy is and why the philanthropy sector needs to engage in partnerships and collaborations in pursuing the SDGs. Abu Yazid from Bappeda then explained the current social conditions and issues of concern to the government. He also acknowledged the importance of the private sector and civil society in helping to achieve those targets essential to regional development.

Maharani Hapsari from UGM presented insights from the perspective of academia regarding inclusive partnership platforms and the role of philanthropy in development. The last speaker, Sabeth Abilawa from Dompet Dhuafa (DD), gave a real-life example of what DD has done in the context of achieving SDGs through their cooperation with government and other sectors.

The discussion was rich with some interesting questions and opinions from participants. These ranged from whether the SDGs have adequately considered the disabled within the principle of "no one left behind", to how the enabling role of the state can affect how the SDG agenda is determined in civil society.

From the roadshow event in Yogyakarta, it appears that enthusiasm about partnerships for SDGs is already strong. The goal is now to sustain this group spirit and establish networks for cross-sectoral partnerships in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals.





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