Philanthropy Learning Forum on SDGs in Jambi

Philanthropy Learning Forum on SDGs in Jambi

Philanthropy Learning Forum on SDGs in Jambi

Jambi was the third of seven cities in the Philanthropy Learning Forum on SDGs roadshow across Indonesia. On Thursday 19 October, Filantropi Indonesia, in collaboration with Mitra Aksi Foundation, held the Philanthropy Learning Forum on SDGs (PLF on SDGs) in the offices of the Jambi Province Bappeda organisation. Continuing the topic of 'SDGs As a Capacity Building and Partnership Development Tool', this forum was attended by dozens of philanthropy actors from across the city of Jambi.

There were four speakers in this forum: Hamid Abidin, Executive Director of Filantropi Indonesia, Arifin Purwakananta, Chief Deputy of Baznas, Ade, representative of Bappeda Jambi, and Mitra Aksi, representative of Yayasan.

Ade, as the representative of Bappeda Jambi Province, explained how the local government has considered SDGs at all levels of service. Furthermore, they are currently planning to make local action plans a part of the implementation of SDGs in the region. However, Ade acknowledged that the Jambi regional government has not included any social institution or philanthropy sector actors in their planning. One particularly promising outcome of this particular PLF was the Bappeda Jambi acknowledgement of the need to include these institutions in formulating Local Action Plans.

In contrast, the presentation of the other three speakers from philanthropy organizations, illustrated the large contribution that philanthropy has made to the current progress towards achieving SDGs. Without significant involvement from the government, philanthropy has been providing assistance to the communities in various regions, across areas such as assistance in medical examination, education, and legal advocacy.

The forum in Jambi concluded with a restatement of the need for collaboration between local philanthropy actors and institutions, and the local government of Jambi. Some participants from non-profit organizations, such as the representatives of Pundi Sumatera and Setara Jambi, also shared information about what they had achieved as well as potential opportunities for collaboration with other stakeholders.

At the conclusion of the forum, Filantropi Indonesia also had a chance to participate in a live broadcast on Jambi local radio, along with two local organizations, to explain what the SDGs are and what people can do to contribute.



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