Closed Post Habitat Conference III Discussion

Closed Post Habitat Conference III Discussion

Closed Post Habitat Conference III Discussion

On Wednesday, October 11, 2017, Filantropi Indonesia, in collaboration with Danamon Peduli Foundation and Kemitraan Habitat, created the Urban and Habitat Philanthropy Cluster. The main goals for this cluster formation is the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goal #11, to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. There is still a gap in urban development in Indonesia; most of the major cities are in the western part of Indonesia with the eastern part still predominately rural. The main issues we are now facing are low quality of mass transportation services, pollution and land conflicts. At present, Indonesia has the lowest GDP growth in Southeast Asia, a 1% increase in urbanization has only increased GDP by 4%, while in China, a 1% increase in urbanization has raised GDP by 10%. More hopeful, however, is the opportunity cities represent for their citizens.

The habitat conference began in 1976. That same year, Indonesia made a breakthrough with the establishment of the national housing (perumnas) in cooperation with BTN. In 1996, the discourse of world habitat began to change; urbanization issues became more pressing, calls for housing sustainability were increasingly made as cities expanded. In Indonesia, only 46 percent of the population lived in cities in 1996. This figure now exceeds 50 percent.

Habitat III, or New Urban Habitat (NUA), emerged with the new urban agenda that encourages inclusiveness, and anticipates new challenges such as climate change. There are three principles underpinning this new agenda: no one left behind, the urban economy and sustainable environment. All parties, from the government, the private sector, non-profit, to academics, have an important role to play in the planning of sustainable habitation. The five elements of the NUA are social inclusion, economic development opportunities, integrated plans and management, and the creation of a supportive framework.

The Danamon Peduli Foundation (YDP), Filantropi Indonesia (FI), and the Habitat Partnership (KH), have all been involved in NUA agendas over the past few years. In 2010, YDP began running slum area improvements, including market areas. Meanwhile the 100-0-100 program is the backbone of KH. Primary problems such as clean water, sanitation, slums need to be addressed with the assistance of many organisations. FI has been facilitating discussion and encouraging its partners and network on how to deal with slum settlement and urban settlement issues.

All three institutions have a shared commitment to this cluster in the form of community-based cooperation, and the same understanding of urban issues. The next step is to assist government in achieving the target of effective urban management. This mutual commitment arises because consciousness is not a local regulation. The Urban and Habitat Philanthropy Cluster invites you to join the commitment if you share the same concerns. Please contact us at for more information.





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