Research & Education

The Research and Education Pillar focuses on strategies to enrich and update information and data of philanthropy at the local, regional, national and international level. Each research program aims to get in-depth study and update information and analysis of philanthropy developments in Indonesia. Filantropi Indonesia also utilizes research to develop data and use it to support work activities and advocacy in order to have a credible evidence base.

Additionally, our educational activities are open to various stakeholders. Through educational activities we aim to increase understanding and encourage broader support for Filantropi Indonesia in supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and national development.

The Research and Education activities are:

  1. Philanthropy Learning Forum
    It is a public discussion to disseminate and share knowledge related to philanthropy to the general public. Each Philanthropy Learning Forum has one main topic of discussion, which could be a current national issue or new challenges that are related to the development of the philanthropy sector.
  2. Philanthropy Skill Share Forum
    Philanthropy Skill Share Forum is a training session both for members and non-members to increase the capacity of the organization and its professional workers. This training is offered as one of the benefits for Filantropi Indonesia’s members. Each training topic is tailored to the needs and demands of member organizations.
  3. Philanthropy Sharing Sessions
    This activity consists of small forums who come to share experiences and is usually led by a panellist of speakers from national and international philanthropy organizations.
  4. Research
    Here are some of the research projects by Filantropi Indonesia in collaboration with some of its members and partners:
    • SUPPORTING NOT RESTRAINING: National Policy Synergy Study of SDGs Implementation for the Philanthropy Sector
    • Sharing and Collaboration for SDGs: A Practical Guide to Implementing SDGs in the Philanthropy Sector
    • Philanthropy in Indonesia: Why Not For Art
    • Fiqh of Zakat on SDGs
    • Building Accountability for Media Philanthropy