Communication & Partnerships

In general, the Communication and Partnership pillar focuses on developing a network of sustainable partnerships between philanthropy organizations and various sectors for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Therefore, effective communication strategies are urgently needed to encourage the formation of multi-stakeholder partnerships. Another goal of this pillar is to broadly promote Filantropi Indonesia, both the profile of the organization and its programs.

The Communications and Partnerships activities are:

  1. Filantropi Indonesia Festival (FIFest)
    Since 2016, Filantropi Indonesia has begun holding the Indonesian Philanthropy Festival every two years. This event has become a platform to disseminate information on the development of philanthropy in Indonesia with broader audience. This event displays an exhibition of philanthropic activities from different organizations and foundations and also provides forums to share knowledge related to the sector.
  2. NEXT GENEROUSion Festival 2019
    The NEXT GENEROUSion Festival aims to facilitate and promote the philanthropy activities of young people which have been growing and developing rapidly in recent years. The role and involvement of young people, especially millennials, in philanthropy needs to be encouraged because they are the potential donors, volunteers, and supporters in the future. Various activities are presented in this festival such as the Hall of Young Philanthropy (exhibition), Philanthropy Inspirational Stage (talkshow), Actions and Solutions Stage, Digital Fundraising Campaign: PEDOELI INDONESIA, Donation Corner, social enterprise competition, and social projects competition among elementary and high school students in Jabodetabek.
    The report on NEXT GENEROUSion Festival 2019 can be downloaded [HERE]
    PEDOELI INDONESIA (Indonesia Online Donation Week) is an online campaign and donation drive. The social campaign involves various philanthropy organizations, companies and the public at large to help overcome social problems in Indonesia.
    A glimpse of PEDOELI Indonesia can be seen on the official Instagram account