Indonesia Philanthropy Association was established in 2003. It was conceived by individuals and non-profit organizations who were previously involved in the Strengthening Philanthropy Initiative network in Indonesia. With the organization’s launch, they sought to continue and institutionalize their activities together in an official association.

Philanthropy Indonesia Association is an independent non-profit organization, established to enhance philanthropic activities in Indonesia, with the aim of contributing to social justice and sustainable development. API was founded by individuals and non-profit organizations, who have come together to develop a network called Initiatives for Philanthropy Empowerment in Indonesia. The network provides a framework for philanthropic activities in an independent and not-for-profit capacity. The association was established to accommodate interests from philanthropy stakeholders, from the donors, intermediaries, to the recipients of gifts. This is all done in the spirit of partnership, equality, plurality, justice, universalism, and Indonesian identity.

The principles behind the establishment of Filantropi Indonesia are:

  1. We believe that respect, love and support for our fellow human beings forms the basis for our social existence. It is no co-incidence that these are the same principles that underpin religious teachings: From the wealth of different religions, cultures and ethnic groups in Indonesia, we have learned that social generosity has long been the glue that sustains unity and harmony within a community.
  2. We believe in universal equality. While some communities in Indonesia have achieved remarkable economic progress, there exists considerable scope for improvement in others. In some instances, social and economic gaps between individuals, and between communities, are getting larger; our aim is to close these gaps.
  3. We believe that philanthropy exists as the most viable solution to pressing social issues. Our belief is that philanthropy is a natural extension of the human spirit and community, and constitutes the most effective way of producing lasting change and spiritual growth.
  4. We believe that the effort to develop the potential of philanthropy for sustainable development in Indonesia cannot be achieved by individuals alone; the challenges are simply too large. There exists a need to improve Institutional infrastructure and supportive policies. Effective and focused efforts of all components of philanthropy in Indonesia are needed to unify and strengthen the movement to better advance social development, humanity and environmental protection in the country.


Filantropi Indonesia

The Indonesia Philanthropy Association (PFI) is a non-profit and independent institution intended to advance the philanthropic sector in Indonesia so that it can contribute to the achievement of social justice and sustainable development.