Conservancy Talk II: Forming Life to More Respect the Environment (Environmental and Conservation Philanthropy Cluster)

Conservancy Talk II: Forming Life to More Respect the Environment (Environmental and Conservation Philanthropy Cluster)

Conservancy Talk II: Forming Life to More Respect the Environment (Environmental and Conservation Philanthropy Cluster)

Indonesian Philanthropy and the Members of the Environment and Conservation Philanthropy Cluster held the Conservancy Talk II on August 27, 2019, as a follow up to the cluster meeting and launching on July 17, 2019, which was held at the 24th Philanthropy Learning Forum (PLF). In the forum, the Tzu Chi Foundation Indonesia as one of the cluster members hosted the Conservancy Talk II with the agenda of visiting the Tzu Chi project which has an environmental preservation depot in East Cengkareng, West Jakarta and discussion of concrete steps in the form of participatory discussion that can be carried out by Environmental and Conservation Philanthropy Cluster.

The visit begins with a tour of the Tzu Chi School which has a range of education from kindergarten to high school. The school environment has taught students to be disciplined and responsible for their environment. For example, waste segregation is already very specific and all students are encouraged to bring lunch to school. Then, proceed to the conservation depot where all recyclable waste is collected, ranging from paper, plastic and even used electronics. "We want the residents of the Cinta Kasih Flats to learn to be able to use used items that are still valuable so that they can also empower the community and also indirectly to the environment," said Mr. Johnny, one of the Tzu Chi Foundation Indonesia representatives.

Not only the two previous places, but the visit also continued to hospitals and housing concept of flats, which are still in the same complex. The hospital that was built was based on the concern for the local residents who often had difficulty in gaining access to health, due to their economic capacity. While the flats themselves are a rearrangement of the previously established slums. The apartment itself has become a joint project between Tzu Chi Foundation Indonesia, Perum Perumnas, and DKI Jakarta Regional Government.

After all the destinations had been reached, the visiting participants moved to the Tzu Chi Foundation Indonesia office located in PIK. Having reached lunchtime, the participants were treated to vegetarian food which had become a way of life for all Tzu Chi Foundation Indonesia's staff. This is also based because the environmental impact caused by animal farming is very bad for the environment. Then, the participatory discussion was preceded by a presentation from Mr. Johnny entitled "Mission of Environmental Conservation". In his presentation, he explained what had been done by the Tzu Chi Foundation Indonesia and the implementation program that was implemented in order to have sustainability or an inherent impact became a habit. Mr. Johnny also explained that the application was based on "5R Concept: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle".

In addition, the presentation related to environmental preservation especially regarding waste and its dangers was delivered by Mr. Andre Prasetyo, as the Program Manager Greeneration Foundation. The background of the establishment of this organization was the event of the explosion of the final garbage disposal in Bandung so that the Greeneration Foundation actively advocates for waste management to the community. "The law is firm to stop open dumps because of the many bad effects caused by garbage, and this is what we continue to expand so that knowledge of waste processing can also work", he said.

Participatory discussion at Conservancy Talk II was so enthusiastically welcomed by the Members of the Environmental Philanthropy and Conservation Cluster that it was hoped that the issue of environmental conservation was not just knowledge, but application in daily life could work.

Cluster Environmental Philanthropy and Conservation as a result of the collaboration between the Indonesian Philanthropy Association and members such as Yayasan Tzu Chi, Dompet Dhuafa, Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (The Nature Conservancy), Yayasan KEHATI, Badan Amil Zakat Nasional (BAZNAS), Belantara Foundation, Greeneration Foundation, dan Coca Cola Foundation Indonesia.



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