Support Art with Super Deduction Tax

Support Art with Super Deduction Tax

Jakarta – The tax reduction incentive policy, often called by Super Deduction Tax has the potential to advance many sectors in Indonesia, including the arts. However, regulations related to the Super Deduction Tax that incentivize tax deduction up to 300%, only cover a small amount of art, including painting and sculpture, animation, batik, ceramics, and fashion. In fact, art benefits everyone, not just the artists.

“If I am an entrepreneur and allocate funds, may around Rp10 billion for the arts, then get a double tax cutting, Rp20 billion, of course I will be interested in helping the arts. From there the seeds of the arts can be helped, besides to still supported by the goverment’s budget that was limited,” said Chatib Basri, economist and Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia in 2013-2014, on Monday, September 21, 2020.

According to him in the webinar of “Seni, Si Pembuka Jalan“, the artists and philanthropists need to approach it with the government. “Especially with this situation of pandemic, many art initiatives such as online concerts and others need to be encouraged. It’s an opportunity to talk about these things,” said the man who join in the theater when he was young.

Feel the same way with Chatib Basri, Co-chair of the Filantropi Indonesia’s Board of Directors, Erna Witoelar considers the right momentum either. “This pandemic increasing creativity of art to entertain the communities. It’s precious, especially with the limited funds. I think this situation is the right time for others member of Filantropi Indonesia and entrepreneurs who have not supported the arts before. Growing art is advancing society,” said the Minister of Settlement and Regional Development of the Republic of Indonesia from 1999 to 2001.

In this webinar, the Director of the Bosscha Observatory, Premana W. Premadi, shares about the important role music has played since childhood in his life. He became more sensitive to tone, rhythm, logic and balance. He believed education should not separate reason, psychology and aesthetics as separate things. Thus, he is active in a variety of initiatives combining science and art. Together with Bosscha and other partners, Premana held a series of events during the solar eclipse which became a science and art education platform for school children in Poso and Tanjung Pinang. “The earlier we are exposed to aesthetic qualities and ratios and integrate them, the better. Refining then empowering reason and mind should not go separately, but simultaneously,” said the only Indonesian woman whose name was be created on the asteroid.

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of Indika Foundation, Ayu Kartika Dewi, highlighted the importance of art in cultivating critical reasoning and empathy. Various studies have found that art allows people to think more flexibly. So, Indika Foundation usually creates activities that are thick with artistic vibes. “Art is never judgmental, so it can open our perspective that life is not just black and white and right and wrong,” she said.

After this webinar, Koalisi Seni is committed to continuing policy advocacy so the art philanthropy can further support the art ecosystem in the archipelago. That way, there will be more of our communities who can feel the benefits.