Post Event PSSF: “Organizational Change Management During COVID-19”

Post Event PSSF: “Organizational Change Management During COVID-19”

The Philanthropy Skillshare Forum (PSSF) event which was held on 27 August 2020, was attended by 34 training participants consisting of 24 individuals from the member organization’s of The Association of Indonesia Philanthropy and others from non-members. This event has discussed about “Organizational Change Management During COVID-19”, then expected to be able to manage various organizational management changes that have occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, also attitudes and wise steps taken, both by philanthropic and non-profit organizations for first respond. Furthermore, it is necessary to formulate appropriate changes in each the organization.

The training was guided by a facilitator who has become a practitioner of communication and organizational development, Mr. Ahmad Husein, who had previously been a facilitator at the previous PSSF. This event began with an opening poll that describe the training participants regarding their participation in the PSSF (whether forced, want to learn, etc.). From the results, it turns out that 4% of the total training participants said that they had to attend because of the demands of the organization/superior. However, it did not decrease the enthusiasm to want to know more, as many as 40% of participants identified as “explorers”, that means they were at least willing to learn more from the training material provided.

The facilitator, who is familiarly called Mr. Husein, explained that this is commonplace in every organization because it depends on the development of the individual and the organization; may be authoritarian. Therefore, Mr. Husein started his presentation in order to spur the spirit of change from each training participant. In the presentation, Mr. Husein acknowledged that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was enough to change the ‘lifestyle’ of the organization and added a special need for conventional organizations to be supported.

“From the blog of the International Red Cross committee which writes that the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the future of humanitarian organizations; both in terms of organization, structure, relationships with partners, funding, etc. Then the conclusion is embracing change is needed because the change is certain,” he said. He also said that change is something that cannot be avoided and a comprehensive attitude is needed. The change aims to keep the organization dynamic, internal or external. His next presentation covered several types of changes that each organization should identify so as not to change important principles. According to him, there are 8 levels of change management that must be passed by an organization, i.e. enhance a sense of urgency, forming a coalition, creating a vision, re-communicate a vision, removing obstacles, create short-term victories, overseeing change and strengthening change in organizational culture. Of these 8 levels, an organization is able to bring itself to prepare for challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hopefully the knowledge and everything that is learned can become a new perspective for the philanthropic organization.
Towards change and beyond!



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