Who We Are


Indonesia Philanthropy Association (Filantropi Indonesia) was born in 2013; it was initiated by individuals and nonprofit organizations who were involved in the Strengthening Philanthropy Initiative network in Indonesia. They agreed to continue and institutionalize their activities together in an association.

Indonesia Philanthropy Association is an independent nonprofit organization, established to enhance the philanthropy activities in Indonesia, which aims to contribute to social justice and sustainable development programs. Filantropi Indonesia was founded by individuals and nonprofit organizations, who since 2003 have taken steps to develop a network called Initiatives for Philanthropy Empowerment in Indonesia. They agreed to continue the work and put the activities into an organization for an independent and not-for-profit purpose. Filantropi Indonesia was established to accommodate interests from philanthropy stakeholders, from the donors, intermediary, or recipients of gifts; all done in a spirit of partnership, equality, plurality, justice, philanthropy universalism, and Indonesian identity.

The notions behind ​​the establishment of Filantropi Indonesia are:

  1. Respect, love and helping our fellow human beings have become the basic instinct of every human being as a social creature. All religious teachings also advise it. From the wealth of different cultures and ethnic groups in Indonesia, we also have learned that social generosity or philanthropy has long been the glue that keeps the elements of unity and harmony within a community.
  2. Some communities in Indonesia have achieved remarkable economic progress. But on the other side, the social and economic gap between people and between communities are also getting bigger.
  3. The dismal portrait of social and environmental issues in Indonesia today requires philanthropy contribution that exists in each and every Indonesian, to be transformed into something more meaningful.
  4. The effort to develop the potential of philanthropy for sustainable development in Indonesia cannot be done by an individual, or by one or two groups or organizations alone. The challenges are too big. Institutional infrastructure and supportive policy are still lacking. Effective and focused efforts of all components of philanthropy in Indonesia are needed to put together, unify and strengthen the movement together with civil society to face the challenges of social development, humanity and environmental protection in the country.



To create a true solidarity within all nations with an objective to achieve social justice and sustainable development.



To improve the quantity and quality of philanthropy activities in Indonesia and to empower the role of civilians in developing society, humanity and the environment, by strengthening organizational infrastructure and developing philanthropy movement in the nonprofit sector.


  1. To be the social medium and consultancy support for philanthropists in dealing with and solving the social, humanity, and environment problems in Indonesia.
  2. To foster the characteristics, enthusiasm, and principles of philanthropy and generosity to the groups and segments of Indonesian society through media and other mediums.
  3. Enhance trust and solidarity to stimulate partnership between philanthropic organizations in Indonesia.
  4. To be a trusted partner of the government and private sector in delivering the country’s social, humanity, and environmental issues.



Philanthropy gives access to those who need resources in order to improve their efforts in meeting their needs independently.


Every philanthropy stakeholder is required to uphold the plurality that exists in the society: culture, religion and belief, ethnic, perception, etc.

Gender Equality

Philanthropy needs to pay attention to the needs of different genders with the principle of equality.

Universal and Non-partisan

Philanthropy does not discriminate against the backgrounds of the beneficiaries, and must not be used as a political tool for certain groups or interests.


The interest of the nation shall be above the interest of individuals or groups.



Co Chairperson:Erna WitoelarIndividu
Co Chairperson:Franky WelirangIndividu
Members:Rerie Lestari MoerdijatYayasan Sukma
Uli PandjaitanYayasan DEL
Gita WirjawanAncora Foundation
Yani RodyatMedco Foundation
Jusman Syafii DjamalMatsushita Gobel Foundation
Theodore Permadi RachmatYayasan Para Sahabat
Omar S. AnwarIndividu
Natalia SubagyoNGO (TI)
Rikard BagunMedia (Kompas)
Haidar BagirIndividu


Chairperson:Ahmadi HadibrotoDirektur IFAC
Members:M.S. SembiringYayasan KEHATI
Sapto H. Sakti (alm.)The Nature Conservancy
Sri YantoIkatan Akuntan Indonesia (IAI)
Rika AnggrainiThe Body Shop Indonesia


Chairperson:Timotheus Lesmana WanadjajaIndividu
Secretary:Suzanty SitorusIndividu
Treasurer:P. Soegiono D.Individu
Members:Nur AmaliaYayasan Pelangi
Titi SandariniCoca Cola Foundation

Organizational & Partnership Division:

Head:Sita SupomoIndividu
Members:Antonius Eddy SutedjaDana Kemanusiaan Kompas
Gino LatiefYayasan Mitra Mandiri Indonesia
Sihol AritonangTanoto Foundation
Indra Cahya UnoMien R Uno Foundation

Research & Educational Division:

Head:Hamid AbidinPIRAC
Members:Rizky N. HamimIndividu
Maria Aniek WusariIndonesia untuk Kemanusiaan
Dody MuhadiForum Zakat

Advocacy & Facilitation Division:

Head:Bivitri SusantiPSHK
Members:Tya AdhitamaDharma Bermakna Foundation
Fransisca FitriYappika
Linda Hoemar AbidinKoalisi Seni Indonesia
Kristianto SilalahiYayasan Daud Silalahi

Information & Communication Division:

Head:S.A.M. August HimmawanIndividu
Members:Esther SianiparIndividu
Rini T. WardhaniRonald McDonald House Charities
Lely SimatupangIndividu


Executive Director:Hamid Abidin
Member & Partnership Manager:Hety A. Nurcahyarini
Finance & Administration Manager:Soneta Ambarwati
International Relations Manager:Natasha Mayesta
Program Documentation Staff:Retnaningtyas Dwi Hapsari
Program Communication Staff:Aulia Tribuwana
Member & Partnership Staff:Dinda Asgar
Finance & Administration Staff:Ismail Mayadi