Rumah Rachel Foundation

Bringing palliative care to children living with life-limiting illnesses in Indonesia
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Tentang Rumah Rachel Foundation

To never see a child live or die in pain.

To establish a palliative care ecosystem in Indonesia, ensuring palliative care is available and accessible for all children living with life-limiting illnesses.

Established in 2006, Rachel House has pioneered children’s palliative care in Indonesia. We provide a specialised form of medical care (palliative care) to children from marginalised communities living with serious and life-limiting illnesses, such as cancer and HIV AIDS. 

Only 1% of children living with serious illnesses have access to palliative care.

It is estimated there are close to 700,000 children in Indonesia living with serious illnesses (WHO, WPCA, 2014).

86% of people who need palliative aren’t receiving it

Including 98% of children living in low and middle income countries (WHO, 2018).


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